Black journalist in Sierra Leone: Chapter 1

Jan. 27

The journey to Sierra Leone was long. I left California Monday afternoon and, after two layovers, I finally arrived at my destination the next evening. It really didn’t start to sink in that I was heading to Africa until our plane began flying over the Sahara. All I remember seeing was vast areas of sand, with layers of blue and orange coating the horizon. The nice lady sitting next to me described it as an “ocean of brown.” I would concur.

When I arrived at the airport, I was both excited and anxious. Excited because I couldn’t believe that I had actually made it to the Motherland. Anxious because the task ahead of me, I knew, was going to be a challenge. Continue reading

Can you really use an iPhone to report a story?

You can call the iPhone many things these days: a computer that fits in the palm of your hand, an extremely versatile mobile device, G.P.O.A.T. (greatest phone of all time). But I’ve been hearing a few people suggest that the iPhone can also now be used as a new way to report and file a story. Because of iTunes’ expansive library of apps, developers are coming up with an abundance of creative tools. But could it be? Can you actually turn your iPhone into a reporter’s notebook?

It’s already being tried. Continue reading