Recent work:

I had the great pleasure of doing some freelance work for, a website started by veteran reporter Daniel Weintraub that focuses on informing Californians about public health issues throughout the state. The following are the video stories I produced for the site. With each story, I tried to incorporate different techniques I had been learning at the time. Continue reading

Water for Life

The East Oakland Boxing Association is about more than boxing. The center also has a youth internship program that trains young people in skills that could help them get a job or start a business. The center also has a community garden and hosts a farmer’s market. Recently, a group of youth interns worked with another nonprofit to overhaul the center’s water use and improve its water conservation. This is the story I did about the program for Daniel Weintraub’s

Water for Life from Martin Ricard on Vimeo.

The Flip is more than just a camera…but you already knew that, though

It’s amazing to see how fast the Flip camera has grown in popularity over the last year. I’ll admit, I got caught up in the buzz as well. And who can hate those fun 10-second sort-of-amateur-submitted commercials that the company was pushing during the holiday season to get even more people to jump on the Flip bandwagon. But there’s a lot more that you can do with the Flip than just produce those short viral videos of life’s precious moments. Continue reading