Recent work: Project J-Score

During my last year at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, I took a pretty cool class by Alan Mutter about disruptive change in the news media industry.

For our final class project, we came up with an experiment (we were thinking Pandora…BTW, there have been some interesting pieces done recently that look into how the model behind Pandora could be applied to the other industries. Check out this New York Times Magazine story and this post from eMedia Vitals.) looking at how journalists can better measure the engagement of their readers. Continue reading

Journalism Experiment #4: The grid is your friend…use it

If you’re a journalist thinking about building your own site from the ground up, good for you. Here’s a word of advice, though. If you’re one of those coding amateurs out there like me, save yourself some trouble and use a grid. For starters, a grid will give you that “fit and finish” you see in all those good-looking sites not built by journalists. A grid also makes it easy to transfer your design from Photoshop to the Web, which is the basic process for all good Web design (thanks Richard Koci Hernandez for that secret). Continue reading

Journalism Experiment #3

I’ve been hearing a lot about how data visualizations are supposed to be the next wave of displaying information on the Web. I tend to agree with that thinking, mainly because when a bunch of information is presented in a graphically pleasing way, it makes you more engaged in what could have rather been just another boring set of data. So for my next journalism experiment, I thought I’d try to do my own data visualization. With so many free data visualization tools out there nowadays, why not? Continue reading

Journalism Experiment #2

This is my second experiment testing out the skills I’ve been picking up along my multimedia journey. For this experiment, I’m turning my attention to graphic design. Something I’ve learned since entering the world of multimedia journalism is that so much we do for the Web depends on design: from type of font to colors to the way they are arranged.

So I decided it was about that time to work on my design chops. Continue reading

Journalism Experiment #1

This will be the first of one of my many experiments I plan on trying to test out the new multimedia skills I’m learning. In Experiment #1, I deal with Web video. I used Final Cut Pro and several Web applications, including Prezi and Bee Docs Timeline, to create the piece. The video was for a class assignment on disruptive media. This is my take on Google Books. Continue reading

Can you really use an iPhone to report a story?

You can call the iPhone many things these days: a computer that fits in the palm of your hand, an extremely versatile mobile device, G.P.O.A.T. (greatest phone of all time). But I’ve been hearing a few people suggest that the iPhone can also now be used as a new way to report and file a story. Because of iTunes’ expansive library of apps, developers are coming up with an abundance of creative tools. But could it be? Can you actually turn your iPhone into a reporter’s notebook?

It’s already being tried. Continue reading