IMG_4104It is probably safe to say that I had a very unusual, almost unintentional start in journalism. It was the second semester of my freshmen year at UC Berkeley, and I was part of a group of black students who, upset over both the student newspaper’s and university’s seemingly complacent attitude toward the black population on campus, decided to organize a protest in the great Berkeley tradition. We were given a full page in The Daily Californian to express our outrage, and I was one of the contributors, which sparked an interest in journalism. However, it wasn’t until two years later, in my junior year, when I finally acted on that interest and decided to write for the campus newspaper, bent on changing the newspaper’s coverage from the inside-out. That stint turned into a full-blown passion for the craft, and now I enjoy every aspect of it, from the storytelling to the investigations. I am a Bay Area native, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that, in growing up there, I was surrounded by a huge mass of culture, innovation and endless great weather. The disadvantages: like most others, I got spoiled and never wanted to leave. I have a master’s degree from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. My hobbies consist of Scrabble, playing pool and finding old songs in new music.

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