Recent work:

I had the great pleasure of doing some freelance work for, a website started by veteran reporter Daniel Weintraub that focuses on informing Californians about public health issues throughout the state. The following are the video stories I produced for the site. With each story, I tried to incorporate different techniques I had been learning at the time.

In the first video, for example, I started off the story by fading out of a blur to reflect what many people in Richmond wake up to see every morning: a constant plume of smoke coming from the Chevron plant. In the second video, I overlapped several sets of B-roll to compliment what the speaker was saying about population growth.

And in the third video, I experimented with Motion to make use of a map I created to relate to the subject of the story: “mapping” out Richmond’s health and wellness plan. I was also able to infuse some of my own style into each story by using subtle hip hop tracks to compliment the mood in each story.

There’s Something in the Air

There’s Something in the Air from Martin Ricard on Vimeo.

Water for Life

Water for Life from Martin Ricard on Vimeo.

Richmond’s Health Plan

Richmond’s Health Plan from Martin Ricard on Vimeo.

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