The Flip is more than just a camera…but you already knew that, though

It’s amazing to see how fast the Flip camera has grown in popularity over the last year. I’ll admit, I got caught up in the buzz as well. And who can hate those fun 10-second sort-of-amateur-submitted commercials that the company was pushing during the holiday season to get even more people to jump on the Flip bandwagon. But there’s a lot more that you can do with the Flip than just produce those short viral videos of life’s precious moments.

On a recent hike (yes, black people hike), I chose to take my Flip to film me and my friend’s expedition. Afterwards, I realized we got some interesting clips. So I decided to put them together and produce a short film. I also wanted to try out some new effects on Final Cut Pro to try to give the video a “film” look. I always wanted to know how they made Lord of the Rings (yes, black people like Lord of the Rings) look so celestial. Now I have a bit of an idea.

So here’s my Flip camera experiment, using the Composite Mode and Gaussian Blur filters in Final Cut to give the video a “film” look.

A Walk in the Hills from Martin Ricard on Vimeo.

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