Journalism Experiment #3

I’ve been hearing a lot about how data visualizations are supposed to be the next wave of displaying information on the Web. I tend to agree with that thinking, mainly because when a bunch of information is presented in a graphically pleasing way, it makes you more engaged in what could have rather been just another boring set of data. So for my next journalism experiment, I thought I’d try to do my own data visualization. With so many free data visualization tools out there nowadays, why not?

So here’s an infographic I put together using Many Eyes, a free and easy application that allows you to produce beautiful and interactive data visualizations. The graphic shows the states in the U.S. where African Americans make up the largest minority group. Interesting to see considering that there is such a big focus on how Latinos are now the largest minority group in the country overall.

States in which blacks are largest minority group Many Eyes

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